Enigma is a family owned and run live escape business and we are looking for franchisees to join our family.
It’s our friendly and relaxed attitude that’s combined with our customer focus that has already set us apart from the competition.

So what is all this LIVE ESCAPE about?
Live escape games started back in 2006 and it’s gone viral from country to country.
Escape games are firmly here in the UK and are seen as the new thing to do whether
you’re 14 or 80.
They are perfect for part of a night out with friends or colleagues, used for corporate
team building, parties and much more…

The best time to get involved is now and be part of a revolution in activity
experiences here in the UK.
The facts of it are that in 2014 there were 10 live escape businesses in the UK.
In 2016 there is 100 and growing!

If you would are interested in owning and running your own Enigma Rooms franchise please fill in the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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